Next #BlueJC starts on 16 December 2013 at the RCOG Annual Academic Meeting 2013

Added on 6 January 2013

We will discuss “Menstrual and fertility outcomes following the surgical management of postpartum haemorrhage: a systematic review” by Doumouchtsis and co-workers from 16 December 2013. The paper has been made free-to-view for three weeks in December 2013. 

Start date and time: 16 December 2013 at GMT 1315 (0115 pm; for 7 days)

Platforms: Twitter

(You can also leave comments on our Facebook page– this is a pilot!)

Hosts: @gynaeresearcher and @elaineleung

The Blue Journal Club is an international journal club on women’s health research based on Twitter (as @BlueJCHost). We use the hashtag #BlueJC for our tweets. Simply add this hashtag (“#BlueJC”) to each tweet and we will capture it. Each #BlueJC opens for 7 days with an advertised start time.

This #BlueJC will also have a live demonstration session at the RCOG Annual Academic Meeting 2013 in London, the United Kingdom. We are also doing a pilot using our new Facebook page– simply leave your comments at the latest post about this paper.

All BJOG #BlueJC papers also have complementary slide sets suitable for face-to-face journal clubs with your local colleagues. You can access the slide set of this paper here (data S1).

The discussion points are attached below (quoted from the published manuscript):

Current #BlueJC_discussion point copy

For those who want to understand hashtags, this may be a useful guide. For an introduction to #BlueJC, please refer to BJOG 2013;120:657–60. Follow @BlueJCHostthis blog and our Facebook page to receive news about #BlueJC.

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