Everyone welcome.

We discuss papers published in BJOG on Twitter using the hashtag: #BlueJC

  1. Head over to Twitter – sign up or login
  2. Find us – search #BlueJC to see previous comments
  3. Share your thoughts – send a Tweet and add #BlueJC.

What will we be discussing?

We carefully select papers that we think are going to be useful to a doctor’s professional development and of interest to a broad audience. These papers are published with discussion points and PowerPoint slides, which can be used in a traditional journal club. The discussion points will consider:

  • Study design
  • Analysis of results
  • Whether clinical practice in your local hospital setting should be modified in light of the overall evidence base.

Our Twitter discussions will often just focus on one key question, but we are very happy for participants to offer comments on further aspects.

Is this just for doctors?

Not at all. We’re really keen to hear the views of all health professionals and members of the public. Many of the papers we discuss are about conditions that affect many women around the world and so we encourage anyone with experience of a condition to share their view.

When’s the next Twitter chat taking place?

We aim to hold a discussion on the last Wednesday of every month (except December) and our BlueJC host will be online from 8-9 pm GMT.  However, we know how busy life can be and sometimes its just not possible to join us at this time. So we aim to respond to any comments up to 7 days later.

We promote our next paper on this blog and via our Twitter account @BlueJCHost. Occasionally we may decide to hold a Twitter chat in response to lots of engagement with a paper in the press or on our social media. In these cases we’ll still use #BlueJC in the same way and provide as much supporting information as possible on this blog.

All comments will be collected (using Symplur’s Healthcare Hashtag Project) and summarised in a ‘Report from #BlueJC’ in every issue of BJOG. Thereby closing the post-publication appraisal loop.