About us

The Blue Journal Club is an international journal club on women’s health research based on Twitter (as @BlueJCHost) and Facebook. We use the hashtag #BlueJC for our tweets- add this hashtag (“#BlueJC”) to each tweet and we will capture it. Each #BlueJC opens for 7 days with an advertised start time.

Our aims are to promote post-publication appraisal and continual medical education (CME, a.k.a. continual professional development or CPD) in order to support evidence-based practice in women’s health. Write to us (@BlueJCHost or bluejchost@gmail.com) if you have any particular topics or papers you would like to discuss. We welcome collaborations and are open to your suggestions.

This journal club is supported by BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (@BJOGTweets). All BJOG Journal Club papers are discussed at #BlueJC. The latest update about #BlueJC is now online via Wiley Exchange.

For news and updates:

  • Follow this page (click on the WordPress icon at the top right corner)
  • Follow @BlueJCHost on Twitter
  • Follow our Facebook page


New to #BlueJC: Below is a short video explaining #BlueJC 

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