Is surgical lymph node assessment necessary for women with mucinous ovarian cancer?

Lymph node assessment in ovarian cancer can lead to significant morbidity. Results of this systematic review suggests < 1 in 100 (0.8%) women with stage 1-2 mucinous ovarian cancer undergoing lymph node assessment had metastases in resected lymph nodes.

Is it time to change practice?
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Why is it important to identify intimate partner violence during pregnancy?

Why is it important to identify intimate partner violence during pregnancy? Explore its impact and discuss potential strategy to minimise it at #BlueJC in March 2016. Continue reading

Next #BlueJC starts on 6 December 2013 at #SpROGs13

Added on 6 January 2014

The Blue Journal Club is an international journal club on women’s health research based on Twitter (as @BlueJCHost). We use the hashtag #BlueJC for our tweets. Simply add this hashtag (“#BlueJC”) to each tweet and we will capture it. Each #BlueJC opens for 7 days with an advertised start time.

The next #BlueJC will also have a live demonstration session at SpROGs 2013 Conference in Nottingham, the United Kingdom.

All BJOG #BlueJC papers also have a complementary slide set suitable for face-to-face journal clubs with your local colleagues. You can access the slide set of this paper here (data S1).

We will discuss “A comparison of intramuscular diamorphine and intramuscular pethidine for labour analgesia: a two-centre randomised blinded controlled trial” by Wee and co-workers.

The paper has been made free-to-view for three weeks in December 2013. Trial Registration numbers of this paper: EudraCT No: 2006-003250-18; ISRCTN14898678

Start date and time: 6 December 2013 at GMT 1245pm (for 7 days)

Platforms: Twitter

Hosts: @JamesMNDuffy and @EichelbergerK

The discussion points are attached below (quoted from the published manuscript):

#BlueJC discussion guide

For those who want to understand hashtags, this may be a useful guide. For an introduction to #BlueJC, please refer to BJOG 2013;120:657–60. Follow @BlueJCHostthis blog and our Facebook page to receive news about #BlueJC.